Political and racial relations of heritage

The projects in this research line involve themes associated with racial relations and heritage policies. We question the beliefs, discourses, practices and behaviors transmitted between generations through a set of symbols that include cultural assets. The transmission of past heritage follows social dynamics that are permeated with conflict, silence and domination. While the concept of “race” has been historically used to build hierarchies and social exclusions, it is currently also being used as a means of resistance. Concepts, cultural practices, memories and constituted histories are closely connected. It is our place to question anything that is not presented as the result of conflict and construction, but instead as a natural outcome of history.

The researchers in this line are also linked to the AfroDigital Museum – a national digital network coordinated by Professor Livio Sansone, whose purpose is to fight racism, publicize files, create exhibitions, democratize knowledge and decentralize the means with which to achieve it. The Rio AfroDigital Museum’s projects encourage the construction of a new language to strengthen the accusations voiced against established racial hierarchies and practices of racial discrimination, and to reinforce the significance of practices of the African matrix in the Brazilian cultural scenario.

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