The Art, Culture and Power research group was created in 2008 from an interdisciplinary meeting of graduate professors of the Languages and Social Sciences courses at the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ). A series of debates were then organized with researchers from Brazilian and foreign institutions. The research lines were consolidated with the enlisting of researchers from partner institutions (CPDOC/FGV, UNIRIO, UFG, UFBA, CES/University of Coimbra and IL/Free University of Berlin). This research group has positively affected the education of scholarship students in undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate research, as well as numerous publications. The Art, Culture and Power website was created in 2012 for the webcast of the group’s research and of selected photos, videos, documents and articles. Over the years, the research group received help from major Brazilian funding agencies – including CAPES (the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel, associated with the Brazilian Ministry of Education), CNPq (the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology) and FAPERJ (the Research Support Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro, associated with the Rio de Janeiro State Department of Science, Technology and Innovation) – as well as institutional support from UERJ.

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